Профессиональные запчасти для HoReCa & Catering & Retail & Laundry

For Partners

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Import | Export Manager

Tatjana Mamchik
Mob. + 375 (29) 334-54-54 Viber
E-mail: import@horeca-spares.com

We support the people of Ukraine and wish them Peace!

                                                                                               Team of MB “Protingas Restaranas”

Dear Partners!


elcome to our Site!
Our company was founded in 2007 and has been supplying HoReCa spare parts for over 15 years.

We sell HoReCa spare parts

Our offices:

  • Vilnius (Lithuania) – MB Protingas Restoranas – EU office
  • Minsk (Belarus) – Smart Restaurant LLC
  • Smolensk (Russia) – Smart Restaurant Rus LLC (February 2022: except for dual-use goods)

Our Products / Our specialization:

  • HoReCa parts – our main line
  • Chain stores – equipment & parts
  • Catering equipment parts
  • Laundry spares
  • Domestic Appliance parts

Geography of spare parts sales:

  • Lithuania (EU)
  • Belarus, Russia (except for dual-use goods), Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan

Transport companies (Partners)

  • DPD
  • SEUR
  • other companies


EU and US sanctions (war in Ukraine):

Information for partners from Russia and Belarus:
MB “Protingas Restoranas” comply with sanctioned laws and only export authorized non-sanctioned parts.
Each Item (HS code) we check for export authorization.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


e appreciate the trust of our Partners and invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation!


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